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Kristen Howe

In early 2002, Kristen had somehow gone from the spotlight of Broadway to walking dogs in New York City and making less than $300 a week. She had lost all of her motivation, inspiration and vision, was living off credit cards and woke up every night in a state of panic about how she was going to be able to keep living this way without drowning.

In August of that year Kristen made the devastating decision to become an adult and settle for less than what she always dreamed of. She decided to grow up and pushed any thoughts of going back to performing away. She took immediate action and charged $10,000 on her credit card to work with a well-known 'Guru' and get her own online coaching business started.

Unfortunately this turned out to be one of the 'Gurus' that didn't have her best interests at heart and only cared about getting her credit card number. Kristen was now $10,000 further in debt with an online business that was sucking money out of her wallet every month. She was still only making $300 a week, her relationships were suffering and she missed being an entertainer.

And then the breaking point came -- one night she sat in her apartment, feeling alone and helpless. For the first time in her life she believed there was no way out. She felt like she was being sucked under and that everything she had hoped for was vanishing forever.

And then she heard a voice yelling from underneath all the pain and sorrow and self-pity -- it was her own voice and it said, "It doesn't have to be like this! You don't have to settle, there is always a way!"

It is Kristen's passion to live big, create big and help other people Go Big...

Kristen has performed on Broadway and in Movies and TV, she has traveled all over, walked and trained dogs, run sales teams and coaching programs, driven cross country and up the coast, talked to cab drivers, Presidents and the homeless...the point isn't what she's done, the point is all the people she's met and that within each of us there is the potential to live a huge and powerful life, within each of us there is a glimmer of greatness, within each of us is the chance to Go Big.

Kristen teamed with Prosper because they're not just one of these companies looking to take money from you, rather you chose them to help build you up as you attempt to Go Big in your own life. Knowing what it's like to make a mistake with self-proclaimed gurus, she wanted to make sure she would introduce you to professionals that help you accomplish your dreams and goals. Prosper was the obvious choice for her and we hope it is for you too.

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