Seven Secrets of Selling Everyone Should Know

1. Reasons to buy
2. Handling objections
3. The sales story
4. Lead with questions
5. If you are afraid to sell
6. Relationships are key
7. The most powerful sales tools

Reasons to buy:
You must give customers a reason to buy from you. Why should they buy your product? A business person who buys products like yours is generally happy with his sales rep and product. There is no reason for him to change. Changing sales persons is risky; he doesn’t know if you or your product will work fine, it’s a hassle.
Create reasons to buy… 

Handling objections:
 This is the scariest of all selling activities. “What if he asks me something I don’t know?� “I don’t want to look stupid.� The two things people fear the most is rejection, and ……..
“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear�
 The best way to eliminate fear of objections is to prepare.
1. Make a list of every objection you think you will get
2. Create three answers to each objection.
3. Memorize all objections and answers.
Keep a typed version of the reasons to buy, and objections on you all the time for a week to study.
The basic three step method is:
1. restate the objection
2. give the response
3. Get an agreement and move forward.
“Mr. Jones, my super widget is the best on the market and it will save you hundreds of dollars.
Objection: The widget I have now is just fine.
Repeat the objection: so you’re pretty happy with your widget right?
Well Mr. Jones, does your widget work without a special spring? No, does your widget self clean? No, Mr. Jones, does your widget use 25% less electricity than before?…no. Then Mr. Jones don’t you agree my super widget would benefit your business?  Yes.
The sales story:
 Everyone likes a good story. Create a story for your product or service. Include the situation, then the problem, and then the solution you or the product you sell can create.

Lead with questions:
 The goal is to use a series of questions to get him to realize he needs your product. No Pressure.
You can control the customer with questions.
Lead him/her down the direction you want. (Be sure you know the answer to a question before you ask it).
If you are afraid to sell:
Let sales tools do it for you. Business cards with sales message, sell sheet with your reasons to buy, postcards with reasons to buy, send emails to prospects.
Relationships are key:
People like to buy from people they like. Make friends; learn about his/her personal life also. Look at the books in his bookshelf, photos around the office or room, Photos on the walls. Find out about his interests, family member’s names etc.
The most powerful sales tool:
1. Testimonials, people make buying decisions based on the approval of others. To get testimonials, type them up, send them to the persons you want testimonials from. Tell them to make any changes they want, and send it back to you.
2. Endorsements…high profile people or organizations. These can also be very powerful. The more the better.

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