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Junk Mail: Make Big Money

Junk mail Direct mail is often referred to as junk mail because most of it is thrown away by the recipient. In fact, only a small amount of direct mail advertising is read by the consumer. A typical scenario is a consumer gets his mail from the mail box and starts glancing over each piece. The mailers he has no interest in (which is most of them) are immediatly thro wn into the trash. The ones of interest are kept and read. When a direct mail campaign is sent, only […]

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Create an Advertising Campaign That Works

There are five parts of an advertising campaign: 1. Objective 2. Strategy 3. Tactics 4. Budget 5. Evaluation Objective: An advertising campaign exists to accomplish something usually to sell products or services. The objective must be measurable such as increasing the number of units or dollars of sales, increase traffic etc For example- sell 25 cars at a sales Friday, Saturday and Sunday increase sales by $12,000. Strategy: Strategy is the thinking/planning stage. This is the plan to accomplish the objective, what you will do. If the objective is to […]

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