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How to Create a Low Cost Website

by Bill Cherry Every business needs a website: Now days every business needs a website. That includes small one person businesses like authors, lawyers, insurance agents and freelance professionals. Customers expect every respectable business to have a website. If a business doesn’t have a website, potential customers start to wonder, “What’s wrong with this business?” Not having one makes people distrust the business. Example: I coached a student who told me she wanted to get a certain business franchise and ask me to give her my opinion of it. We […]

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Create Joint Venture Promotions for No Cost Marketing

by Bill Cherry Learning Objectives: 1. Using joint ventures for no cost marketing 2. Using a dead list for free marketing 3. Trade for advertising 4. Increase sales skills 5. Use the unique selling position (USP) as the most powerful marketing tool 6. Simple website & free programs: NVU website design, jumla. 7. Testimonials, referrals, the passive marketing tools 8. Team up with other sellers to reach your target customer 1. Joint ventures: Using other businesses to increase sales: Joint ventures – One way to increase sales is to […]

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The Unique Selling Position: Make Your Business Stand Out.

By Bill Cherry Learning Objectives: What is a USP? Why is a USP such a powerful marketing tool? How to create a USP. What is a USP? Your unique offer to the customer that other businesses can’t. A USP is what makes you, your business, or your products different and unique from the competition. We all live in an over communicated society bombarded with thousands of messages every day. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, signs, posters, calendars and even the logos on you computers. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed […]

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