2.5.2014 Ecommerce 103 eBay Creating a Great Listing

Today on out eBay class we talked about how to create a good listing. This is more so a process of steps then anything but very important that you do all of the steps and do them correctly. By not following the steps in the process you can set yourself up for a negative feedback from a buyer or for your item to not sell at all.

3 Different types of listing on eBay
. Auction Listing
– Reserve Price
. Fixed Price Listing
– Best Offer
. Store Listing

Auction Listing has a special feature to work with:
. Reserve Price

Fixed Price Listing has special feature to work with:
. Best Offer

How to list a product on eBay to sell.
Login to your account with eBay then you will click on Sell to the right of your username in the upper left hand corner of your eBay page. Then type in the name of the product you want to sell and click the Get Started button. Select the category the product will go into then click on the Continue to the listing form button.

Keep It Simple Form VS More Listing Choices Form

1. Make sure the price your product is not higher then the selling price of the product.

2. Put in a good title – Your title can be 80 characters long, this was recently raise from 58 characters use all of them. This title does not need to be a sentence and I would suggest not putting in punctuation Ex ( *** !!!!! $$$ & <<<>>>) these are not characters that a person on eBay searches with so don’t waste a place for a good keyword.

3. Write a detailed description – You need to tell the buyer everything about your product. Explain your photos and reassure them that there are no scratches or bumps. If the item does have some issues let the buyer know so they are not surprised when they get the item. By leaving important information you can set yourself up for a negative feedback real quick.

4. Take good photos – Your image of your product is most likely the thing that will sell your item to the consumer. DO NOT crop anything of your item out of the picture. You are only causing doubt in the mind of your buyer. Questions will come up like Ex (Is the item scratched there? or is the items damaged?) Don’t give your shopper any reason to think something is wrong with your item. Make sure your picture is clear and not blurry. Lastly if you are taking a picture from around the house please make sure you are not taking a photo of a messy house. You always want to look professional.

5. Make sure you are using PayPal as a perferred method for the listing in eBay.

More tips to work with eBay please go to: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/listing_ov.html

There are also several free and paid recourse on the internet to give you a competitive advanced with your listing on eBay.

Some free eBay template services are




Some paid eBay template services are







Follow these three steps and you will put yourself in a good position for your item to sell but also in a position to receive good feedback.

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