3.20.2013 Ecommerce eBay 102 Finding products

When selling on eBay the most common problem that people run into is what someone wants to sell and is f people on eBay want to buy the items that you have. There are two great ways that eBay will help you with this problem and they are both free. I will also tell you the benefits of paying for tools that will help you break down the eBay world for a different way to look at information.

The first eBay tool that you can use is the “Ideas For What To Sell” page. This page is found in the Sellers Information Center. This page will help you break down your home and point out popular things that people sell on eBay everyday. This tool breaks down your home room by room from your bedroom to the
garage. This tool will eventually get you back to the eBay completed listings where you can see what the final cost and possibly sales percentage.

The next free tool that you can use is the eBay pulse page. You can simple go to Pulse.eBay.com to find this tool. The eBay pulse page tells you what the top ten most searched words for each category on eBay are. I always suggest that students go down more then two levels with this tool before trying to establish what items they want to sell from around the house or from outside suppliers. Again this tool will get you back to those completed listings on eBay so that you can find the important information like sales price and sales percentage.

There are 7 different ways to find products to sell; we will speak of the easiest ways to the most difficult ways to get products to sell.

1 and 2. Sell your own stuff and sell for other people, it is pretty safe to say that most people have things around their home they can put on eBay to sell.

If not then you can get permission from friends and family members to sell their stuff.

3. Garage sales, I call this the penny on the dollar mentality; people are looking to sell a product for basically nothing, take advantage of this.

4. Storage Unit Sales, it is very possible with this method you can buy content in a storage unit for hundreds of dollars when the items with the storage

unit could be worth thousands of dollars.

5. Local sources, basically you are using any tools or resources to help you get a bargain on a product and turn around and make a profit of the product.

6. Drop-Shipper, drop shipping is the best method to use to find products if you don’t have money to buy the product ahead of time.

7. Wholesale lots, Wholesalers are the best method to use to find products if you do have money to buy the product ahead of time.

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