eCommerce eBay 105 Other Auction Sites 1.30.2012

Today we will discuss other auction sites you can work with outside of eBay. With some people eBay can be a very difficult medium to work with especially if you are working with a drop shipper. Why? Think about it, eBay is a bargain website so people go to eBay to try and get a product for the cheapest amount possible. With a drop shipper you have to mark up the price of the price above the wholesale price of the product. In some cases on eBay the product you want to sell the wholesale price is higher then what is it selling for on eBay. So I wanted to list so alternative places you can look into to sell your products if eBay doesn’t work. and
Craigslist and Kijji are classified ad sites which are completely free to use. Craigslist is an international classified ad service but mainly specializes in selling in the United States. Kijji is a classified ad service for Canada. They are designed as a local service, meaning you sell products in small geographical area. I recommend if it is a product that is difficult to ship to use a local classified ad service because of the shipping costs. The service will ask you to Post to Classified, and then you choose which type of service you are rendering, the most common with be the For Sale service. Then you will select the category in which the product falls into. Then you create the listing.
Amazon, offer a free service that you can use to list products with them. I order to use Amazon’s free service is the product has to be something that already exists in Amazon’s data base, meaning if it is a home made product your probably will not be able to use their service, but if it is a drop ship product they the product probably already exists in Amazon’s database. There is no cost to list the product on Amazon however if the product sells then they take a percentage of commission out for the sale. To sell what the percentage is please go to: To sell on Amazon, you login to your account, then go to Your Account, then on the right click on Sell your stuff. Amazon then will ask you to type in a product name and choose the category for the product. Once you have done this the next step to pick the exact match to your product then click on the button that says Sell Yours Here. The next page asks for a price of the product, the shipping is already included. The next page will prompt you to login to your Amazon account, if you don’t have one you can create one for free, if you do then it takes you to a page in which you can review your listing and then post the listing.

So here are some other alternatives that you can use if eBay for whatever reason with not be a good fit for you.

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