Ecommerce Link Building Through Forums 01.16.2013

What Are Forums:

Forums are online discussion places, or message boards. They consist of categories with many different threads and within those threads, individual posts. An example might be a forum on pets, then there might be different categories based on the pet. The threads would be the different conversations going on about a pet within that category. Then each individual response from users are called posts.

A Few Successful and Popular Forums: – this forum has multiple categories for virtually any niche. -this forum tends to be related to making money online or other ecommerce, seo or other internet related topics.

Set Up:

Create a profile. Your profile is an important part of the forum experience. It helps to put a face to the name. Your profile should be fun to read, contain a picture, and most important have links back to websites, or squeeze pages, or social media profiles you have set up related to your niche.

Signature Area: Create links to related products to what your posting about.

Could be something like: My Personal Blog: Airsoft Guns . You would need to create something with(entering everything after the colon): My Personal Blog <a href=””> Airsoft Guns</a> . This is html used to create a link. Everything within the <a> </a> will be highlighted and will be able to be clicked on.


1. Try to avoid arguments – Keep it friendly you will get more people to engage with you.

2. Post 5 times per day

3. Ignore the other experts – Most aren’t experts and will sometimes confuse you to whether your solution is best.

4. Try to actually create your own thread 1 time per week

5. Free gift – Be sure to include your link to a landing page or optin form on your site.

6. Interact social media site to another -  Have a social media profile promote a free gift you have to offer, and have the link sent to your forum thread or post.

7. Reply to thread replies – Keep the thread relevant by responding to the replies you recieve

8. Profile up to date – Keep relevant links in your profile and signature area

9. Be careful losing track of time – Don’t get wrapped up in keeping your nose in all the threads out there you have posted in. You could use your time in better methods

10. Give testimonials on other products.

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