Ecommerce 104 eBay Stores 11.28.2012

Today I want to point out some very important facts about eBay stores. Most people think that is it a must to start a store as soon as they start selling things on eBay, this is really far from the truth. You should really ask yourself some questions before choosing to pay $15.00 extra each month. Do you have a feedback of at least 15? Do you have any items that you are selling repeatedly and can have a constant inventory? Do you have 10 to 15 items that sell on a regular basis? If you can answer yes to these three questions it may be a very good time to start opening an eBay store. eBay stores can really help you with saving money on fees. The biggest fee that you will see change is your listing fee. Each item is 0.02 plus gallery picture 0.01 = 0.03 cents 10 items with gallery pictures = 30 cents 100 items with gallery pictures = $3.00 1000 items with gallery pictures = $ 30.00 One of the biggest reasons that people often times like to create an eBay store is because of the fact that it will start to rank on google. Your eBay store will become it’s own website with a sub domain name of You will have the option of putting keywords through out the page like any other website. You will want to have around 5% saturation of your keywords on the site. You may also see that because you listings can run for 30 days or as eBay words it good till canceled eBay will sometimes run PPC traffic to your adds. eBay can do this because they are the number one customer of google, and because of that their adds are put up at a discounted rate and will even get more exposure. These are all great reasons that you should open an eBay store but I would always suggest talking with your coach to make sure that you are ready.

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