11.19.2012 Your Fan Base with Social Media Outlets

- Why is it important to build your fan base?
_ How to build a fan base with Facebook
- How to build a fan base with Twitter
- How to build a fan base with Linkedin

Social media accounts, including sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Billions of users are logging in each and every day, and reaching them is just a profile away. Start by choosing what outlets you wish to pursue, and checking out what options they provide.

Facebook has over 1 billion users world wide which one has the potiental to tap into and use with your Facebook Fanpage to market your business.

Twitter is a great tool to form relationships with other people not only for marketing purposes but also for business relationships such as finding a supplier.

Linkedin is the best tool to form relationships with business professionals.

How to build a fan base with Facebook
1. Be sure to prominently feature a like box on your own website
2. Facebook ads
3. Make sure your Facebook Fan page URL is clearly listed
4. “Pin” important posts to the top of your page
5. Create compelling content
6. Use large images in posts
7. Use Facebook Offers
8. Post Milestones
9. Feature the most important apps/tabs at the top, and customize the thumbnails.

How to build a fan base with Twitter
1. Use your website
2. Email Newsletter
3. Promote your page
4. Use the @ tag
5. Make your content sharable

How to build a fan base with Linkedin
1. Promote brand awareness
2. Consideration and acquisition A key step for marketers, this is the phase in which the consumer is aware of a product or service and is considering purchase or joining a program.
3. Engagement Whether it is growing opt-ins to the database or encouraging immediate online and in-store sales with a time sensitive offer combined with a coupon, engagement is about encouraging the consumer to take a desired action.
4. Advocacy A compelling offer or engagement program can be forwarded and shared with friends and family, even across channels.
5. Loyalty Through effective engagement — including a compelling “reward” for actions taken — a brand can maintain its customers for future retargeting efforts.

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