11.14.2012 Social Bookmarking

Course Objectives
-What SMO is
-What Social Bookmarking is
-The Benefits
-How to Optimize for the Social Bookmarking Sites
-Submitting to reddit.com
-Submitting to stumbleupon.com
-submitting to delicious.com

What is Social Media Optimization
SMO caters to the social media not the search engines like SEO does.
The goal with SMO is to impress other people.

For example with a blog to get on top of a blog directory is determined by the number of comments you receive about your blog from within the blog directory.

What is Social Bookmarking
It is similar to bookmarking and adding to your favorites.
You create an online directory to store your bookmarks anywhere you have an internet connection.
Bookmarking can be know as the following: tagging, digging, seeding, stumbling, etc.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking
-Your create a social network
-More Bookmarks = Higher rankings with the SMO sites.
-Helps build SEO as well.

Optimizing for the Social Bookmarking Sites
-No direct advertising
-Link major keyword phrases to your products
-At least 300 words long

Submitting to reddit.com
-Asks for Email, Username, Password
-Login to account
-Click on Submit link button
-Fill out submit to reddit information
-click on the submit button

Submitting to Stumbleupon.com
-Asks for Email, Username and Password
-Click on Favorites tab
-Click on submit site.

Submitting to delicious.com
-Prompts you to login to Yahoo Account
-Save a New Bookmark
-Type in web page
-Type in Title, Tags, Notes

-Create a blog post once a week
-Submit that blog post to the social bookmarking sites

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