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Helping People Prosper

What you want is a way to get ahead. Reaching your true potential takes hard work, discipline, and motivation.
Prosper's customized distance education programs offer you the knowledge, skills and accountability you need to reach your goals. During your initial consultation, we evaluate your goals, commitment, and eligibility for the program. Those that enroll are assigned a personal mentor and an education custom-tailored to their personal strengths, needs, and goals.

The Experts You Trust

Some of the most respected and well-recognized business gurus trust us with their brands – Joe Vitale, Nightingale-Conant, Laurel Langemeier, Paula Fellingham and others. We are ready to earn your trust as well.
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Prosperity Requires Education

Prosper believes in the power of one-one-one mentoring. With a personal mentor holding you accountable, you can manifest miracles in your life. We offer mentoring programs in:

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